Me, Vienna Robyn Dannenberg

Cordially welcome to this website and my permaculture universe. My name is Vienna Robyn Dannenberg and I am very proud and happy to greet you at the threshold of a life expanding journey for you and me.

Before I walk you through our goals, permit me to introduce myself to you, helping you understand why I am so much dedicated to this dream, vision and goal of mine, that I am firmly committed to make my goal a physical tangible, economically and edible reality – whatever it takes.

Though, I managed to achieve particular professional goals with varying success earlier in my life, it took me more than half a century to become aware of and approach what the so-called motivational industry i.e. self-help and self developing branch of business had to offer. 

When it finally dawned on me, what mental tools really meant for becoming the master of your own destiny and take responsibility for your choices, I also became acutely aware of the reasons for the devastating consequences of ignorant choices and their impact on my past life.

Knowing now, that in my current circumstances I am facing the results of past erroneous decisions. This does not mean that I consider myself chained to this situation or enforced to spend the rest of my life in this way.

The Secret

The first time ever I consciously reached out for the acquisition of skills beyond the purely scholarly knowledge taught in school and most professional training courses, was when I attended a training course of ‘The Silva Method’ in 1998.

However, it was only about four years ago, that the first glimpse of really life changing liberating information was attracted into my radius of attention when I repetitively stumbled over online messages advertising ‘The Secret’ movie by Australian Rhonda Byrne.

Watching ‘The Secret’ movie, it didn’t take me long to pick and reaching out for my now most preferred teacher presented on the DVD, Bob Proctor, who pulled some strings of resonance within my being. Subsequently, I enrolled in a one year lasting Danish training program based on his recorded seminars helping me develop a presentation of both the ideas and the concept of my project, presented here.

"You Are A Child Of Love"

I am not about to boring you with a lengthy exposition of my past. Permit me just to reveal a few particular gems emerging from the depth of my inner core, seeking expression in my outer world.

Some of the most relevant factors today and the fuel to strive for the manifestation of my goal is love. My endeavour to reach the fulfilment of my goal is fuelled by the main power of Love. I recall my father once telling me in my pre-teenage years: ”You are a child of Love.” Well, I consider these words a hint from eternity that my life’s purpose is supposed to involve the blissful power of Love in every aspect of my project.

Having tasted in practice what the real life re-connection with nature really feels like, thanks to my highly appreciated permaculture teacher, mentor and great friend Sepp Holzer, I am grateful for the experience I was granted to gain on his paradise like farm in 2010. It was this meeting with nature, which convinced me that my purpose in life was to share my idea and project on my website with as many visitors from every country as possible.

What Set Me On Fire

I expect to attract and find likeminded individuals, ready to join me and in conjoint endeavour creating national groups merging the general concept of my project with the particular regional and local geographical requirements of any given country. Concluding this section, I feel compelled to sharing with you, which particular event set me on fire.

Well, it started, as I explored the Ringing Cedars series diving into the truths I found in the divinely inspiring narration. I convinced myself of the life transforming impact of the resonance it caused in my heart and soul. This information satisfied my spirit and inspired me to act upon what I perceived as my own inner truth, increasingly intensely emerging after in-depth studies of the narration.

Subsequent to my awareness in my mind and heart of the consequences of being deprived from the land and VERY VULNERABLE to any failure of food supply via the channels of trade and commerce provided by the system. I wept as I became acutely aware that, apart from letting someone else control my life; I was landless – like millions of ignorant city and country side dwellers.

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