Success Coaching - Introducing The School of Pristine Man

Success coaching and training offered through my School of Pristine Man helps you to acquire the mental skills to set and achieve any goal in life.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." Earl Nightingale

This website is about a solution for mankind in general and individuals in particular of how one can convert a system controlled and mentally imprisoned life into a life of a fully fledged God-like Man. If someone has been brought up in the system most of us have, only very few contemporaries would feel equipped to connect with nature over night.

Therefore, ‘The School of Pristine Man’ provides help, offering Success Coaching, a course of training, guiding attendees in changing their outdated ‘programs’, implanted into every child growing up in the system. The ‘program’ serves the purpose of keeping everyone in their places due to the concept convenient at the time the child grew up.

Just compare your mind set and how it ‘helps’ you today to fit in... Honestly, are you happy most of the time? Do you live in harmony with your inner desires? How long does the joy last subsequent to the fulfilment of your material desires and wishes? Think about it.

Most people operate on auto pilot and they never reach at a point in life of long lasting happiness or joy, not to mention love, fulfilment, lasting health, a satisfactory work, financial security or mental independence from system related strings.

Making Inner Changes

I invented ‘The School of Pristine Man’ to help attendees take their initial steps into a brand new world they create themselves. Experience shows, that performing a major change in one’s mindset is tough, when done alone. Without experience and a well developed practice of persistence and dedication to a worthy goal, where the will is trained to follow the individual’s intentions, average contemporaries would end up frustrated or despondent about the challenges along the new and often long road to reach their chosen goals.

As we can see from the previous paragraph, making inner changes of this significance is an insurmountable challenge to most individuals, if they are on their own. Therefore, ‘The School of Pristine Man’ offers success coaching, introducing attendees to and training them in practicing the skills required to master their lives in a very different way compared to what they were brought up with.

Imagine what it feels like doing things you never dared to do, because some inner command told you not to bother with that. This prevents you from living a fulfilled life. This kind of a mindset most people have been indoctrinated with, functions as an inner watchman, preventing you from improving the quality of your life beyond the purely material plane – if you do nothing about it. However, you can do something to change that.

Coaching Program

The coaching program of ‘The School of Pristine Man’ is an option, helping you to acquire the mental skills required to set and reach any goal in life, including a piece of land with you creating the Space Of Love in your own permaculture paradise garden. In the protected location of ‘The School of Pristine Man’, the coaching program takes place in a pleasant energy field, where you practice the successful use of your mental tools.

Why would you want to make such changes in your outdated mind sets? Well, conscious use of these mental tools can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Individuals who successfully managed to do that are going to teach you from their own experience.

Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact me here!

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