Self Sufficient Living And Permaculture

Self sufficient living – in the sense of the dream lined out on this website – means living on an approximately 1 hectare size piece of land, you cultivate due to the principles of my teacher Sepp Holzer’s concept of permaculture.

This ingenious concept comprises methods of landscaping, where the surface of the land is shaped optimal to create the life improving quality of a natural environment, required to ensure high life quality provided by the space of Love in every ancestral home.
Admittedly, permaculture provides mainly practical solutions to create a natural environment in which Mankind is meant to live, to which the majority of people have forgotten their relation. However, there is a deeper meaning in the relationship of Mankind with nature which justifies the significant importance of the practical part of permaculture.

The key term here is ‘labour’. What does the system imposed concept on Mankind’s life concept require of every adult citizen? You have to work (=labour), otherwise you are being deprived of your right to food, clothing, shelter or the good life of your desires.

Oneness With Nature

Self sufficient living

Working with the concept of Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture is experienced as a pleasant process. Working their own land, connecting with the plants seeded, saplings planted and animals kept, helps the individual resident of the ancestral home become independent and grow into oneness with nature and its living beings, plants and animals. Merging with nature and becoming a co-creator with the grand creator of nature turns the individual into a member of the category one could call full-fledged ‘Man’, here in the biblical sense a ‘member’ of Mankind, comprising both male and female individuals.

Once, the surface of the Earth is reshaped by a single act of work by the performance of a skilled excavator operator or by manual labour, due to the requirements suitable to create a harmonious space of life, the residents of the land are developing the oneness with their own space of life, gradually turned into a space of love.

This kind of dealing with seeding, tending the plantation as well as the soil and the animal is not experienced as hard labour but as a process of intensifying the individual’s inner channel to the Source of all good and nature. Nature responds to Mankind’s tender treatment with the sensation of feeling embraced by your loving mother.  I experienced this the first time consciously, as I approached and passed through the farm gate of my most revered and honoured Austrian teacher of Permaculture, on the farm of whom I attended a longed for training of permaculture practice.

I noticed that each time I entered the farm through its gate, it felt as if I entered the gorgeous space of another world, vibrant with life and love, emanating joy, peace and health. The animals, living here, where healthy, fearless and happy.

There were almost magical areas on the approximately 45 hectares of farmland with 70 ponds along the terraces in continuation of each other. I witnessed the creation of new soil out of decayed natural material such as rotted tree trunks and other plant parts of the site. Once the soil was ready, the terrace felt like the portal to another universe.

This is self sufficient living in the context of permaculture.

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