Permaculture - Agriculture In Cooperation With Nature

Generally speaking, Permaculture is agriculture in harmonious cooperation with nature and often includes the practice of landscaping on a large scale. An introduction.

Most of us have an image of what farming is. We think of vast areas covered with just one type of crops such as corn, the different types of grain, vegetable varieties, berries, aromatic and medicinal herbs along with a large plantation of fruit trees. The above list is but a fraction of what is known as mono culture.

Mono culture is the opposite of Permaculture. Mono culture means that the same species of plants compete against each other in the effort to absorb the same blend of nutrition from the soil, which leads to deficiencies of nutrients in the soil.

Kin's Domains

In the case of planning a whole settlement of Permaculture family estates, ancestral homes or ‘Kin’s Domains’, it is advisable to plan at least the water distribution for all the plots of land, all at once. Ideally, the owners and future residents of the land prepare their individual Kin’s Domain by landscaping the surface of their areal. The landscaping can substantially increase the area of cultivating and the yield surface of the harvest.

permaculture is not vegetarian

In practice, landscaping includes changes in the surface of the area such as creating raised beds, terraces, herb spirals, ponds, craters spirals with terraces and a variety of other options. The concept is by no means exclusively vegetarian.

As an important part in the life cycles of nature, animals are included in our Model Kin’s Domains Settlements. Due to experiences reported by residents of similar Kin’s Domains, animals belonging to such a family estate act protective in favour of their Kin’s Domain in the absence of their ‘owners’.

Experience shows that the most efficient way of landscaping is achieved in spring by use of an excavator with a skilled operator to create the raised beds, terraces, ponds and crater constructions. With the above increase of production surface, built in this way, the residents of such a domain can harvest already the same year after a couple of months.

Industrial Farming

The opposite of this life increasing typr of agriculture is monoculture.  It can be defined as large scale land management used in industrial farming, where vast numbers of the same plant species are cultivated, competing against each other in getting the same particular nutrients from the soil. This causes an exploitation, resulting in creating an imbalance of an otherwise perhaps healthy soil.

Industrial farming often seeks to counteract the impoverishment of the soil by massive adding of expensive artificial and harmful fertilizers. In addition, likewise expensive herbicides and pesticides are sprayed to protect the monoculture overpopulation attracting bugs and weeds, threatening the harvest and surplus of production.

The basic purpose of industrial farming is sheer exploitation of natural resources. Thus, otherwise healthy and rich soil is converted into denatured vast ‘agricultural deserts’, as my permaculture mentor and teacher likes to call this type of agricultural areas.

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Permit me to touch on The Ringing Cedars, which may raise questions about the justification of being mentioned in this context.

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