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Paradise gardens all over the world. That's what I want to achieve with a global project of which this website marks the start. With your help and support it can be reality. 

Paradise gardens - An example

Dear visitor, the liberating information shared with you on this website, is the essence of a dream. The dream is about life more fulfilling and happier than most contemporaries currently experience it. Many children feel afraid, when they watch what is presented in the TV news about scary events within economic and environmental crises, war, man-made ’natural’ disasters, large scale health issues etc.

The difference between adults and children lies in that most adults have become used to the above – children don’t. However, considering the low number of happy individuals living in the framework of the technocratic world, what good have we got by living in these structures? Do you happen to know anyone really happy in all areas of their lives without any exceptions?

I know personally a couple of individuals I consider being a happy, healthy and prosperous individual. However, I am convinced by own experience, that the dream I am going to share with you below is viable as well as feasible, that it will help improve the quality of life of anyone working on the fulfilment of their dreams.

1 Hectare Of Land

The dream is about planning and planting a model settlement with beautiful gardens, each on approximately 1 hectare of land. Every garden is set up in such a way that it has a living fence, consisting of fast growing bushes and trees with edible fruits, surrounding the entire estate/domain. Further, the concept of such a paradise garden in general is, that a third of the land is covered with an edible forest consisting of fruit and nut bearing trees and conifers.

On the second third crops such as cereals, vegetables, fruit bearing bushes, herbs, flowers and other edible plants are cultivated on raised beds, terraces, crater walls and e.g. herb spirals etc.

The last third serves as the space providing for the home of the residents, their area of creative work and leisure activities as well as modest buildings for indoor productive work during winter.

The concept of these paradise gardens includes a water system and should comprise a pond, a well or a creek on the land for the purpose of keeping fish, bathing and bee-keeping etc.

Paradise gardens

Earth Stable

If cattle, sheep, goats or similar animals are planned as household acquaintances, an earth stable is a sustainable solution, and absolutely beneficial for the animals.

An earth stable is a room dug into a hill or artificially created by an excavator shaping a little hill with its equipment. The artificial hill is built up around a wooden construction of trunk logs forming a rectangular major room with a ceiling of trunk logs, covered with fleece.

The fleece layer serves the one purpose to avoid finer soil material to pass in between the logs down to the animals inside the earth stable. The fleece is covered with soil to permit growth of a vegetation cover. The opening of the earth stable ideally points eastwards to ensure morning sun to enlighten the inside of the room. An Earth stable maintains warmth in winter and cold in summer, even during heat periods, as it is made of soil and earth materials.

Switching paddock from time to time is one of the particulars practiced to maintain a co-operation with your animals. Pigs love eating the plants you consider weeds and you keep them in a paddock until the plants you don’t want, are eaten by the pigs. Then, you might consider have your ‘helpers’, the pigs plough, harrow and do the preparatory work to seeding the soil - all by themselves, due to their natural instincts. There are some easy methods to have them help you. And they love it. Once this task is completed, you move the pigs to another paddock and the process starts all over again.

The basic concept for your paradise garden is keeping plant communities consisting of a manifold of different plants, which is the opposite of monoculture. In such an above plant community the individual plants have no need to compete against each other as far as nutrients from the soil are concerned. The opposite is the case.

Permaculture is the basic concept for self sustainable paradise gardens, allowing nature to thrive and harmonize with the residents living there. The synergy emerging from the inner communication of the residents with their plants and animals – even insects on their domain – create a powerful force field protecting the individuals belonging to that household.

I Need Your Help

To make this plan a reality I would like to build national project groups with people skilled in

  • accountancy
  • agriculture
  • event organization
  • fundraising
  • land measuring and geology
  • legal matters
  • management

Obviously, these local experts should be trustworthy, idealistic, open-minded and success focused. 

We accept nature loving individuals – aware of the pitfalls of the technocratic world – respecting their counterparts, with a positive mindset, willing to work with me on this ambitious global project. Want to help set up paradise gardens? Please, contact me for further information.

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A Better Future For All Of Us

Cover the surface of the Earth with a carpet of paradise gardens. Together we can improve the quality of life and work on a better world. Your donations are more than welcome.

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