Inspirational People - My Mentors

Here are inspirational people that changed my life. They are my mentors. And they can change your life too.

Vladimir Megre

The breathtaking writings of Ukrainian author Vladimir Megré, in 2006 turned my life in a direction beyond my wildest dreams. The ancient wisdom our forbears practiced in Vedic times as described in the narration of 10 volumes, resonated harmoniously with my awakening inner knowledge. I became convinced of the significance of the information presented in the writings known as The Ringing Cedars series.

I am dedicated to share it with both, visitors of this website, on request in our newsletter, in my lectures, consultation and in the future classes being taught at the departments of the School of Pristine Man in the future national model Kin’s Domains Settlements.

Sepp Holzer

Sepp Holzer - Inspirational people

To my amazement, Austrian permaculture practitioner Sepp Holzer, actually puts into practice that which is suggested from the material, provided by Vladimir Megré. Reading his books about permaculture practice, determined that I was destined to attend his permaculture practitioner training, which I completed by June 12th, 2011 with the acquisition of a Holzer Permaculture Practitioner Certificate. I feel urged to acknowledge Sepp Holzer’s global efforts of sharing his in-depth practice related wisdom in countless seminars, workshops and consultations.

I consider Sepp Holzer a good friend and an invaluable teacher for many people lacking the information provided by his training, books and on many videos, available on Sepp Holzer is an invaluable example of how to solve any challenges in re-naturing land, establishing a healthy water household, landscaping small and major areas and turning them into fertile and productive rich sources of income for the residents taking care of the land. In June 2014, I was privileged to assist Joseph Holzer, the son of Sepp Holzer during a Permaculture seminar in northern Sweden. The breath taking beautiful scenery of the Krameterhof formed the framework for my Holzer permaculture practitioner training, where also Joseph Holzer was one of my highly appreceated seminar instructors.

Dr. Leonid Sharashkin

Next in the row of inspirational people is Dr. Leonid Sharashkin. I am grateful to Leonid Sharashkin for making the personal effort of arranging for the translation of the writings of Vladimir Megré into English. The English translation was of such a exquisite quality, that my experience of reading the material had a life transforming impact on my own outlook on life. I must admit, that I felt a liberating effect to an extent which surprised me, just by putting the information into practice and acting upon it.

What convinced me the most is his personal narration. It describes how the information dramatically changed his life and the lives of most of his first readers in Russia. From planning and working on an international career in the business world, he and his wife changed their plans to acquiring a hectare of land and live on it. The information even caused him to head for a successfully accomplished doctorate´s degree of agro-forestry. Dr. Leonid Sharashkin's example is worth following and his website illustrates the beautiful creative work inspired by this life style.

Bob Proctor

The individual who had the greatest and best practicable impact on supplying me with the mental tools required to improve the quality of my life ever, was Bob Proctor. He really deserves to be on this list of inspirational people.

I met him in the intangible, though very real, cyberspace, and instantly connected to the way he presented the unwritten laws governing our lives. Later, I watched ‘The Secrect’ DVD, yearning to learn more about these laws. Having Bob Proctor teach this nicely comprehensible material was the most pleasant experience of learning. – It ignited something within me that lasts to this very day. 

When I first watched Bob Proctor on the video and later on youtube, I was firmly committed to learn everything, this teacher had to offer – and I did. Since the first viewing of the Secret movie DVD, I have met with Bob twice in his live seminars. My first impression from the screen of what Bob Proctor represents was confirmed May 27th, 28th and 29th  2011, when I attended a seminar in Helsinki, Finland with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and Norwegian Oddmund Berger.

You can see me with Bob Proctor in the image above.

Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning

The last in this line of inspirational people is perhaps the most impressive individual I was blessed to learn about and through whom I experienced some beautiful sensations within myself: Bruno Gröning. It is a challenge to express in a few words what Bruno Gröning has meant and means to me. Put briefly, I could describe him as an invisible friend, who is at my side any time and on whose help I can count.

The God man Bruno Gröning passed away in physical form on January 26th, 1959. However, the effect of what he has set in motion still works to this day. The information I received from and about him, extended my awareness of my connection with God so that I now feel having an unbreakable relation with the creator of the beautiful nature. For this information, my gratitude never ceases, feeling that I cooperate with God in every action in all areas of my life. I feel guided and see good increasing in whatever I focus on.
One of my most appreciated websites about Bruno Gröning I was blessed to find a four years ago is:

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