Permaculture - My Global Dream About Paradise Gardens

Permaculture is the practical tool to create your sustainable, eternal paradise garden. Technically, it means Perma(nent Agri)culture. Opposite to industrial farming and monoculture, it helps cultivating tailor made paradise gardens.

At our ‘School of Pristine Man’, we teach the magnificent concept of creating a personal, eternal Space of Love where healthier, richer and more life increasing food is growing than you can buy. Growing your food – you attain access to eternity

Welcome to Permit me to paint my vision of paradise on Earth on the canvas of your mind.

A Permaculture Model settlement with paradise gardens in every country

It is my declared goal in every country on Earth to create at least one Model Kin’s Domains Settlement. Each Model Settlement includes a department of my ‘School of Pristine Man’. We teach the Permaculture principles in practice, the philosophy behind this global project and give you the mental tools required to make things happen in your life beyond your wildest dreams.

The magnificent life style, glorious culture and precious traditions of Pristine Man

Experience the ancient wisdom, culture and life style of pristine Man practiced. The life style of the ancient ones was so close to oneness with God that no modern belief concept can compare to it. That’s why the ancient cultures were defamed as heathen or pagan.

Powerful marks of the ancient culture are now rediscovered on sites known as Dolmen, in areas along the Black Sea and many other places all over the globe. Truth is superior forever and God’s greatness is expressed through his greatest creation – Man.

Where wisdom of Pristine Man and Permaculture merge

The modern version of Mankind must return to the greatness of Pristine Man. Having gained the experience from giving away our god ordained free will to others for millennia, this has refined Mankind. We are now becoming superior to anything less than the Most High. How can superior qualities of Pristine Man be developed? Applying Permaculture in our paradise gardens, we cultivate success principles, including Love, Gratitude and persistence, coupled with the discipline of daily intensively envisioning our goal.

Wake up call to nature loving individuals

I am here to inspire you to help me transfer this beautiful vision into a physically tangible reality. It’s a real, global goal. I am a real person, ignited by the vision described. My life’s purpose, mandate and legacy are to cover the surface of the Earth with Paradise Gardens, together with you. Join. Attend. Grab this exceptional opportunity. Change the course of human history. Be the first from your country.  Share your aspirations, dreams and visions on our blog. Donate. . . Contact me . . . It’s just the beginning.

What goals are for and run by

“My dream project was conceived as the gates were opened to a greater awareness about the possibilities in life. I viewed the option of a universe where Man can grow to the full potential of greatness, where anything you want is possible and where God dwells on Earth – in your own sacred garden.”

The splendour and radiant glory of Earth

“I have a dream of covering the surface of the Earth with a carpet of beautiful paradise gardens and millions of happy families dwelling in them.” This is the fuel to keep my focus on track. It is my honour and pleasure to greet you welcome, as you read my message. Working on this, I learned about the importance of goals. Are you looking for a meaningful goal in life, here is the right place. I provide the mental tools you need to achieve your goals for the rest of your life.

My vision of Permaculture Paradise gardens on Earth

Then, right in front of my inner sight – in an instant – the Earth radiantly emerged out of the dark depth of the cosmos. As the powerful energies of Love and Gratitude pulsated into space from the happy hearts of millions of families in every Space of Love on its surface, the intelligent universal power responded with subtle ripples of joy. Man was heading towards greater deeds than ever before. Every Kin’s Domain’s Space of Love is our direct access and the key to communicating with God, the eternal creator of all.

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About Me, Vienna Robyn Dannenberg
My name is Vienna Robyn Dannenberg and I am very proud and happy to greet you at the threshold of a life expanding journey for you and me.
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A Better Future For All Of Us

Cover the surface of the Earth with a carpet of paradise gardens. Together we can improve the quality of life and work on a better world. Your donations are more than welcome.

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