Changing Paradigms

What's the power of changing paradigms? And why should you consider it?

Vienna Robyn on stage - Changing Paradigms

What is a paradigm? It has been defined as a mindset with habitual thoughts. Habits work like a program. They are comparable to an auto pilot, without their practitioner giving them any closer attention. Paradigms are the various subconscious ideas, values and habits contributing to our daily routines and behaviour to make our daily activities flow or not. 

Why should we want endeavouring to change our mind set, if we feel comfortable with what we got? Well, this is a common response when being presented to the above idea.

Helping you figure out why changing paradigms is important, please permit me to present you to the basics that had an irresistible impact on me.

When first presented to the ideas, I am mediating to you here, it dawned on me, that the application of the information to my personal habits had the potential of dramatically changing my life. From feeling myself exposed to anonymous powers like a helpless victim of circumstances, I gained an understanding of how to become the master of my own life. With daily repetitions of a syllabus and by cultivating new habits of thinking as well as acquiring a shift in my evaluation of any environment I passed through, I gained a brighter outlook at life in general and greater self confidence in particular.

So, from someone with low self esteem, the cultivation of beautiful new habits including the concept of loving yourself is a vital prerequisite. I grasped the idea behind it saying, if you don’t love yourself how are you supposed to being able to love anybody else? Another of the basics here is the idea of considering all people good, until the opposite has been proved.

Changing Paradigms - My Own Example

I am here to manifest my dream about beautifying areas on Earth with paradise gardens. My dream is part of the pristine dream of the grand creative intelligent power behind all creation in nature, including Mankind. I am here to inspire you to join me in this global permaculture project. I chose to make this dream available to as many visitors as I possibly can reach, finding the information by the law of vibration and attraction.

I consider myself an expression of the creator like you and everybody else. The difference between you and me is just a difference of awareness and I consider neither you nor me being of less value in the big picture. We are all different facets of the same eternal creative power – each one in their own right – and manifest an array of a manifold of qualities, none of which is better than the other. The quality of traits and events in our lives, we determine by our mindsets and by the way we experience the consequences of certain choices we made in the past.

If we succeed in remaining calm in any context, we are closer to the state of awareness we have in common with the creative power from whom we originate and with whom we are able to successfully co-operate. Given the fact that we are equipped with the faculties enabling us to co-operate with the universal intelligent power, we can acquire phenomenal results in our lives.

I have created this website to have us join forces to work towards the physical manifestation of paradise gardens on Earth for you and me and everyone else inspired to support this work for eternity.

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A Better Future For All Of Us

Cover the surface of the Earth with a carpet of paradise gardens. Together we can improve the quality of life and work on a better world. Your donations are more than welcome.

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